14.07.2015 -> Final Local Event - Modena, Italy

Italian partners on the CO-EFFICIENT project  organized final local event through the four events entitled “Days of energy efficiency”.  CNA Modena, within the CO-EFFICIENT project, successfully organized three meetings where aim was to inform companies about the main tools developed under the project and, continuing the work of the Living Lab, to update them about new technologies and forms of financing. First meeting took place on 11th of June and treated about safety and the efficiency of electrical systems, second which took place on 22nd of June, discussed about how to maintain efficiency and profitability with the new generation of photovoltaic systems. Third meeting took place on 29th od June, and the topic was economic instruments to facilitate the restructuring and the saving of energy.

Additionally, CNA Modena and SATA, in collaboration with the Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Observatory for Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialisation of the Milan Polytechnic, organizes the final CO-EFFICIENT conference focused on dematerialization and process digitalization in Modena, on 30th of June, 2015. The conference was addressed to those stakeholders that are endowed with the power to promote and support the intended approach, because of this not completely understood perspective. The conference ended with a discussion on the proposal themes to which several attendees took active part.

Whole reports you can find on links below:

REPORT_Modena, 30th of June, 2015

REPORT_Modena, 3 meetings, June, 2015



11th of June, 2015

1. BUSY- Energy Data Validation

22nd of June, 2015

1. Fotovoltaico e sistemi di accumulo

2. Libretto d'impianto elettrico

3. Libretto d'impianto elettrico - Un proposta

4. La nuova era del fotovoltaico

29th of June, 2015

1. La nuova strategia CNA

2. BNL Green - Finanziamento BNL Condominio

3. Detrazioni 50%-65%, Conto Termico, Reverse Charge, Split Payement


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