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03.04.2015 -> Direct co-financing of energy audits and energy certification of buildings for public institutions, NGOs and other legal entities (Croatia)
03.04.2015 -> SLOVENIA: Development incentive program SID Bank to finance investments in energy efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises 2014-2015
03.04.2015 -> Privredna banka Zagreb has joined the initiative for energy efficiency
30.03.2015 -> SPAIN: Proyectos CLIMA
04.03.2015 -> Direct co-financing of project of rational energy management, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources
04.03.2015 -> Direct co-financing of energy audits for buildings and implementation of energy management system in accordance with HRN EN ISO50001 standard for industry and commercial service sector (Croatia)
04.03.2015 -> Co-financing of the procurement of electrical and hybrid vehicles (M1 and N1 category - Croatia)
03.11.2014 -> Renovation Plan of Industrial Components Using Natural Gas
24.07.2014 -> SPAIN: funding opportunity JESSICA-F.I.D.A.E.
24.07.2014 -> SLOVENIA: Development incentive program SID Bank to finance investments in energy efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises 2014-2015

05.05.2015 -> Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies
05.05.2015 -> Integrating Experiences and Recommendations in Eco-Innovation for Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Area
05.05.2015 -> Capitalization Initiative for the Innovation and Internationalization of the MED economic and knowledge system
05.05.2015 -> SME Creativity and Innovation for a MED Space Smart Specialisation Framework
03.04.2015 -> Intermodal Freight Services Development committees
30.03.2015 -> Smart, Energy-Efficient and Adaptive Port Terminals
30.03.2015 -> Development of regional clusters for research and implementation of environmental friendly urban logistics
30.03.2015 -> ECOSTARS Europe
30.03.2015 -> Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
30.03.2015 -> Green Procurement and Smart City Support in the Energy Sector