03.11.2014 -> Renovation of Protected Building into an Energy Efficient Business-Commerce Object

The company gained the eco foundation subsidy to renovate a historically protected building from 1972 into an energy efficient business-commerce centre. Since the shell had to stay the same, the thermal insulation was made from the inside and the lower part of the facade was filled with graphite Styrofoam. The renovation process followed the passive house recommendations (PHPP'07). Because of huge heat losses with old glazing, PVC windows and doors were installed. All electrical and mechanical installations were replaced. Energy saving bulbs were installed and a modern control system to optimize the use of electricity was implemented. Instead of heating with oil, the water – water heat pump with five wells was installed. 65% reuse of thermal energy was reached with exhaust air heat recuperator. Solar-tube elements were installed in rooms without windows.

MONSUN, d.o.o.
Polona Ropret
Tel.: +386 4 279 1310

Pot za krajem 38
4000 Kranj

Organisation: Monsun
Company Type: SME
Sector: commerce, retail
Country: Slovenia
Keywords: Energy efficiency, Sustainability, Business, Commerce, Building renovation
03.04.2015 -> Direct co-financing of energy audits and energy certification of buildings for public institutions, NGOs and other legal entities (Croatia)
03.04.2015 -> SLOVENIA: Development incentive program SID Bank to finance investments in energy efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises 2014-2015
03.04.2015 -> Privredna banka Zagreb has joined the initiative for energy efficiency
30.03.2015 -> SPAIN: Proyectos CLIMA
04.03.2015 -> Direct co-financing of project of rational energy management, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources
04.03.2015 -> Direct co-financing of energy audits for buildings and implementation of energy management system in accordance with HRN EN ISO50001 standard for industry and commercial service sector (Croatia)
04.03.2015 -> Co-financing of the procurement of electrical and hybrid vehicles (M1 and N1 category - Croatia)
03.11.2014 -> Renovation Plan of Industrial Components Using Natural Gas
24.07.2014 -> SPAIN: funding opportunity JESSICA-F.I.D.A.E.
24.07.2014 -> SLOVENIA: Development incentive program SID Bank to finance investments in energy efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises 2014-2015

05.05.2015 -> Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies
05.05.2015 -> Integrating Experiences and Recommendations in Eco-Innovation for Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Area
05.05.2015 -> Capitalization Initiative for the Innovation and Internationalization of the MED economic and knowledge system
05.05.2015 -> SME Creativity and Innovation for a MED Space Smart Specialisation Framework
03.04.2015 -> Intermodal Freight Services Development committees
30.03.2015 -> Smart, Energy-Efficient and Adaptive Port Terminals
30.03.2015 -> Development of regional clusters for research and implementation of environmental friendly urban logistics
30.03.2015 -> ECOSTARS Europe
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30.03.2015 -> Green Procurement and Smart City Support in the Energy Sector