03.04.2015 -> CHEE – Croatia-Hungary Energy Efficiency (IPA CBC HUHR) – Refurbishment of Ljudevit Gaj Elementary School in Osijeka

City of Osijek has above 30 primary schools under its governance. Most of them were built 50 to 70 years ago. These kinds of buildings are, according to conducted energy audits, great consumers of energy.

Through the cooperation with other partners on the project and applying for IPA CBC funds, the City of Osijek ensured refurbishment of one of the elementary schools in Osijek making it more energy efficient through improving its insulation. The energy class of building that was selected for refurbishment was G. The walls of the building were insulated with 16 cm of insulation material, the roof with 20 cm of insulation material and new doors and windows with excellent coefficient of heat transfer were installed (Uf=1.0 W/m2K, Uf=1.1 W/m2K). All of this was conducted to ensure energy savings of the building up to 70%.
The total amount of investment into this activity of the project was 951.082,97 HRK, from which 618.375,00 HRK were funded by EU and the rest of 332.707,97 HRK were invested from the City budget. Significant energy savings are accomplished by implementation of this project.

Organisation: The City of Osijek
Company Type: Regional and local authorities
Sector: Energy efficiency, public buildings, refurbishment
Country: Croatia
Keywords: refurbishment, energy efficiency, Osijek, school
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