Central subjects of the project are innovation in and for SMEs, as well as knowledge management and implementation and customisation of available technologies in SMEs.  The main objective of the project is set up of collaborative framework comprising two Living Labs.

Living-lab – eServices: The first international living lab will develop eServices for SMEs in order to improve the energy efficiency of operations, especially in the context of supply chain relationships.

Living-Lab – Energy Efficiency: The second international living lab will collaboratively develop a Frame of reference for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in production and operations. It will support SMEs in the identification of key production processes and operations that could be improved as far as energy efficiency or the use of renewable resources is concerned.

The general objective of the project is to induce behavioural and technologic changes in manufacturing and logistics sector SMEs generating positive externalities for the regional economies and environment. In spite of the progress, manufacturing coupled with logistics still accounts for around one third of final energy consumption. Keeping this in mind, there is a clear opportunity to drastically improve the energy effectiveness of SMEs and the entire manufacturing and logistics sectors, by transferring and customising existing solutions to the large population of SMEs.