University of Maribor - lead partner (Slovenia)

With its 16 Faculties the University of Maribor is a broad-based institution committed to excellence in education, the extension of knowledge through basic, advanced and applied world-quality research. The University has broad experience in carrying out research activities as well as with project management and coordination. In order to achieve the best possible outcome of the project experiences three faculties will participate in project; Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of Energy Technology and Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

University of Maribor acts as Lead Partner (P1) of the project, coordinating the Management (WP1) and cooperating with the other partners in the other WPs. University of Maribor is contributing to all WPs and more specifically it is going to lead both pilot actions in Slovenia. University will coordinate the activities regarding the establishment of frame of reference for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in production and operations. University will also actively participate in activities about pilot (Co-development and testing of eService and Reference model) and in activities based on Living Lab methodology.

Development Agency Mura (Slovenia)

Regional Development Agency Mura is the leading developmental institution in the Slovenian region of Pomurje which offers technical and administrative support to regional economy. Agency is involved in several EU projects and offers several activities in field of Economic development, Social development, Development of regional infrastructure, Environment and urban planning, International cooperation.

Regarding the project RDA Mura will carry out project activities with the emphasis on the support of local SME’s to join and be active in the project. RDA will carry out also other activities in cooperation with the leading partner and other partners as well.

Institute for Transport and Logistics (Italy)

ITL is a non for profit body set up by the Government of Emilia-Romagna Region and Local Public Authorities to develop research and projects propose and monitor public policies for transport and mobility. ITL has been active for several years in regional, national and European projects, followings are the many thematic it is working to: supply chain management, transport planning, sustainable mobility and public transport, territorial marketing, logistics training, city Logistics, statistics analysis and freight transport observatory, ICT for logistics and co-modality, logistics nodes and services development.

Within the framework of CO-EFFICIENT project ITL will take part to all the project activities and in particular to the implementation of the e-services and related activities for SMEs to bring them existing knowledge, solutions and to improve energy efficiency. ITL will use experience from successful closed project KASSETTS and as member of ENoLL provide knowledge of the living lab approach for co-creation.

National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises Modena Province Association (Italy)

CNA (National Confederation of Craft and Small-Medium Enterprises) is the main Italian SME association with 14.000 members in the province of Modena and more than 500.000 members in the other Italian provinces. CNA involves the SME’s and offers them new knowledge and services. CNA Modena has been the Lead partner of project eBEST which was developing innovative IT services for individual and networked SMEs of regional and sectorial ecosystems. CNA also participated as partner in FP6 IST PROVE-SME, SOSS, BIDMED and EPOS projects.

CNA Modena will participate in involving two SME networks in the fashion and maintenance sector as pilots of the CO-EFFICIENT solution. It manages the international living lab and collaborates with SATA in setting up the eServices for the living lab.

SATA Advanced Technology Application (Italy)

SATA studies, design, prototype and realize innovative web application and service development based on open-source technology. Main domains of activities are: (i) Collaboration ICT platform for service company, to facilitate single and networked SMEs interaction with their customers and partners with distributed network planning and internal scheduling, ii) Transport and logistics, to support SMEs in reducing their transport costs by taking advantage from demand aggregation, optimal route computation and selection of the most convenient transport solution, interoperability and dematerialization, to increase the capability of existing ERP systems, to exchange information (also in different languages) with other systems and to join invoicing platforms.

SATA is responsible for implementing the first international living lab by developing eServices for SMEs in order to improve the energy efficiency of operations, especially in the context of supply chain relationships. Besides developing the eServices on the basis of previous prototypes coming from previous project (eBEST, INTERREG, KASSETTS) SATA provides technical support to all project pilots in transport sector and to the Italian pilot in energy sector.

Valenciaport Foundation for Research, Promotion and Commercial Studies of the Valencian region (Spain)

The Valenciaport Foundation for Research, Promotion and Commercial Studies of the Valencian region (Valenciaport Foundation) is a non-profit private entity. It has been conceived to further expand the reach of the logistics-ports community by serving as a research, training and cooperation centre of excellence. The Valenciaport Foundation is presently active in numerous cooperation and internationalisation projects in well over twenty countries, principally located in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.

VPF focuses on the development of the collaborative framework for energy efficient SME systems. It also has a role in the development of e-services for energy efficient operations and also in the close cooperation with Confederation of SMEs Associations of the Region of Valencia.


The Confederation of Employers and Industries of the Region of Valencia (CIERVAL) is the business organisation that represents the interests of businesses and industries established in this Spanish region. It consists of the territorial and sectorial business associations of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante and seeks to promote and defend private initiative and free market economy, strengthening the industry network of the Region of Valencia and the active participation of its members.

CIERVAL will be responsible for providing SMEs of the Region of Valencia with the tools to be developed under the CO-EFFICIENT Project. It will also identify companies interested in participating in the living lab environment. In order to carry out these objectives, CIERVAL will work in close cooperation with the Valenciaport Foundation and other relevant actors of the Valencian economy such as the technological centres network, territorial and sectorial business associations or Universities.

AFT Regional Delegation of Rhone Alps (France)

The AFT is part of the AFT-IFTIM which is the leading organisation for training in transport, logistics and tourism in France. AFT represents 32 professional bodies and has 24 000 company members. Within the Research and Institutional Affairs Directorate (DRIE), the Rhône-Alpes (RA) delegation is in charge of relations with Institutional and Professional stakeholders (Professional Organisations, Social Partners and Public Authorities).

Within the framework of CO-EFFICIENT project, the Rhône-Alpes AFT delegation will participate in all the activities of the project, taking care of their implementation in RA region, and in particular it will coordinate the phases consisting in the operational testing to assess energy savings and testing of the beta version of the analytical tool on a panel of 50 SMEs.

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja (Croatia)

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja is a non- profit ltd founded by local and regional authorities – City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County. Its mission is to coordinate the regional development through available EU funds as well as other international funds, according to the priorities defined by County’s development strategy, linking public, private and civil sectors in partnerships for implementation of projects that will contribute to the development goals of the region of Slavonia and Baranja.

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja is responsible for implementation of activities related to visibility, communication, information and capitalisation of project results and outputs. Agency will also lead the local pilot activities in Croatia and will assure the participation of SMEs and other stakeholders from the region.

Centre of Entrepreneurship Osijek (Croatia)

Centre of Entrepreneurship Osijek is non-for-profit association offering business support to SME sector and entrepreneurs. Centre offers different type of services to SME’s such as promotion of entrepreneurship, counselling and informing, education, connecting and networking. Centre has experience in implementation of EU projects and organizing of different events such as fairs, conferences and other visibility events.

Centre assures participation and feeding of information and preferences from SMEs on local level. It participates in all project activities with special emphasis on participation in local pilot in Croatia in energy sector.